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What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. At Stasia's our mission is to find the healthiest products available that make your hair & skin look & feel its best, all delivered in a tranquil element. We're a passionate about Beyond Organic food & beverages, as beauty starts from the inside.
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Stop eating chemical-laden JUNK!

Shuffle Up and Deal a Meal Fundraiser To Benefit Helping Hands Food Bank

  • What: An evening of fun, food and casino style games to help children in need for those with a goal of giving back to those less fortunate. This fundraiser benefits Helping Hands food bank by supplying them with a non-perishable protein and nutrient rich shake drink for children and families who do not have the means to purchase nutritional foods.

  • Why: Every day the number of food insecure families in the Tampa Bay area increases due to economic difficulties. Food banks are stretched to the limit and need alternative ways to provide healthy meals to children and families. Most food donated are high calorie, high sugar processed foods. Vi Shakes provide a non-perishable high protein meal that can be given to families to take home or used at the food bank with a meal. Each bag of Vi Shake will give children 13 and under 60 meals and those 14 and over 30 meals insuring they get the protein and vitamins that are needed on a daily basis.

  • When: February 25, 2012 from 7PM to 11PM at Ferg’s of 1320 Central Avenue St. Petersburg -             (727) 822-4562      ; held in the upstairs private room.

We all have a sweet tooth but the Sweet Misconception Workshop & Food Empowerment Coach Dina Hansen will show you how you can find pleasure from the sweets you crave & improve your health at the same time!


In this eye-opening workshop you will discover:

  • Why your body needs sugars and where to find the most beneficial type
  • How sugars affect your body so you know how to prevent obesity & diabetes while getting what you crave
  • The amazing places you will discover healthy and unhealthy sugar (it`s not just where you think!)
  • How “diet” food can actually make you gain weight

If you really want to lose weight, feel more in control of your stress & anxiety as well as increase your mental clarity… you want to be here with Dr. Dina Hansen who is the founder of NaturallyNourishedWoman, a holistic wellness community that helps women create a healthier relationship with their food, themselves & their lives- physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually!

This FREE Workshop is on Friday February 17th @ 6:30pm

Please reserve in advance, seats are limited!

*This 6 month series is a monthly workshop series that helps women to learn the basics of Natural/Holistic Eating and Lifestyle Habits.

Here is a list of the upcoming workshops, every 3rd Friday of the month, at Stasia’s Organic Element Salon:

March- Detox Your Stress
April- Glorious, Gorgeous & Green
May- Mindfully Dealing with Cravings
June- Healthy On The Run

You can find more information following this link: 

Dr. Dina’s Credentials:

  • Certified Food Psychology Coach, NESTA
  • Certified Health Counselor, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, AADP
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, JSJ Inc.
  • Board Certified Doctor of Natural Health, Clayton College of Natural Health, AAMA
  • Licensed Skin Care Specialist, NJ
  • Stress Management Consultant, Canyon College
  • BA Early Childhood Education, Johnson State College
  • Member of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
  • Member of Holistic Pediatric Association
  • Board Certification from American Alternative Medical Association
  • Board Certification from American Association of Drugless Practitioners