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What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. At Stasia's our mission is to find the healthiest products available that make your hair & skin look & feel its best, all delivered in a tranquil element. We're a passionate about Beyond Organic food & beverages, as beauty starts from the inside.
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The time has come to move beyond organic —- to raise the bar on the American food system once again.
Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma (via theculinarycalendar)

Coolest fishtail braid ever. 

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Being happy never goes out of style —Lilly Pulitzer

Being happy never goes out of style —Lilly Pulitzer

…conflicted between growing out your hair or cutting it short….

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Do the zig-zag on those lashes!

It’s no secret that eye make-up (or any make-up for that matter) should be removed before going down for your beauty rest every night. No one likes to wake up with clumps of eyeliner mixed with mascara and sleepies.

That’s why we now carry Eye Cleanser from Papillon in our salon. 

Papillon’s Eye Cleanser is a 100% oil-free eye cleanser with chamomile and aloe. A delicate non-irritation cleanser formulated for your delicate eye area. This can be used to remove eye make-up prior to applications as well. This cleanser is ideal for daily use. Quick, simple, and gentle. This can even remove gel eyeliner. What’s better is that it’s especially formulated for eyelash extensions.

Sound great? Want it? Contact us by emailing or private message us on Facebook!

We all have them! #badhairday

Play with my #hair, not with my heart.

Play with my #hair, not with my heart.

Different eye make-up tricks reflect different looks… 

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